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Langre Beach is an idyllic place in Cantabria that meets the perfect conditions for learning how to surf. The natural environment of this destination gave rise to the name of the school and the concept of the accommodation: Langre Beach Surf + Stay. It is a meeting point for people to share the passion for surfing and enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.

The brief

At the beginning of the project, they trusted us to rebrand the brand, which included designing a new logo and illustrating pieces with a handmade style for the launch of their website, social networks and merchandising. They also commissioned us to create an audiovisual piece that encourages people to experience the best surfer experience at Langre Beach Surf + Stay.

How did we get there?

The idea of the video was based on representing a whole day at Langre Beach
Surf + Stay, including the brand’s distinctive values: fun, learning, equality, good vibes and well-being offered to an audience of all ages.
The visual impact is the most important element of the piece, we play with different planes and original transitions, managing to transmit the essence and lifestyle that Langre Beach Surf + Stay offers.


Creative Direction / TRES
DOP / Daniel Del Río
Dron Operator / Felipe Guerrero
Edition /TRES