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Probably you have never stopped to think of all the aromas that are part of our daily life. Smell is the most primitive of our senses and influences the way we perceive the world. This is how Ravetllat detected the potential of aromas to create attractive and memorable experiences. It is a company that is dedicated to design fragrances and original aromas for products and spaces.

The brief

Ravetllat Aromatics contacted us to make a corporate video that could share their brand values and promote the process of creating its essences.

How did we get there?

Once we analysed all the factors that are related to olfactory marketing, we discovered that creating a fragrance is an artistic process. It is a very long way in which art, science, creativity, knowledge and precision are combined. This is how we reached to the concept of “the art inside a bottle”.

To communicate the DNA of Ravetllat, we made an interview style video that represents tradition and experience, but also shows the contemporary brand’s latest facet. In the audiovisual piece, analogies and metaphors of the olfactory universe were used by means of images with a poetic and romantic tone.


Creative Direction / TRES
Production / TRES
Sound Design / 3.11vision
DOP / Gerardo Jahaziel García
Makeup / Marta Sáez
Script / Pedro Bellido
Edition / TRES
Camera / Lorenzo Landi
Making Of / Michelangelo Mellony