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Who has never played UNO? There will always be a good reason to play it with friends and family anywhere and anytime!

The brief

Manifesto agency contacted us to develop a brand awareness campaign for UNO. They wanted an audiovisual piece that could show the emotions evoked by the world’s number one card game in its different versions.

How did we get there?

The key of this video lies in the art direction. We designed different scenarios for each version of the game, by using different materials. Considering the characteristics and insights of each product, we chose these styles for visualization:

DELUXE: crystal
JUNIOR: plasticine + eva rubber
DOS: paper
EXTREME: plastic
H2O: inflatable
UNO: wood


Agency / Manifiesto
Creative Direction/ TRES
Production / TRES
Costume / Alejandra Águila Moya
Plastic art / Alex Palazzi
Camera Operator / Daniel Del Río