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We spend our money unconsciously, yet we can’t seem to save up even if we make a conscious effort to do so. But what if we could save without even trying?
Yes, there’s an app for it. Saveboost. This fintech startup has built a solution that helps users put aside spare change without noticing it and it’s making people burst out in surprise when they realize just how full their digital piggy bank can get in a few months.

The brief

Saveboost requested us to make a launch video, focusing on its ability to save money in a safe and easy way.

How did we get there?

To get closer to the target of the product, we mix papercraft objects with animation techniques such as motion graphics and stop motion so as to generate a casual, dynamic and young style.

Making of

“La Transición de la muerte”


Creative Direction / TRES
Script / Driss Abrouk
Paper Craft / TRES
Animation / TRES
Sound Design / Michelangelo Mellony